Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Capital Safety DBI SALA Securaspan Horizontal Lifeline Systems
The SecuraSpan™ I-Beam Stanchion and Bases are lightweight and extremely easy to install engineered fall protection systems, ideal for steel construction applications. Spans can be up to 60 ft and with the optional “bypass” brackets, the system can be configured to run indefinitely for ultimate jobsite flexibility.  All adjustments made from top of beam. Fits flanges 6” to 12” wide, 2-1/4” thick. Optional bases for 18”, 24” and 36” widths.


Securaspan Horizontal Lifeline Systems

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Capital Safety DBI SALA SAYFLINE Horizontal Lifeline Systems
The SAYFLINE™ Horizontal Lifeline Fall Protection System enables two roofers to work an entire roof safely and hassle-free, with complete freedom of movement.The Sayfline™ Two Person Horizontal Lifeline Roof System installs in minutes, with no special tools or equipment. Simply nail the roof anchors onto the roof & connect the Sayfline™ System. With the built-in tensioner, tension the rope & it’s ready for use.Hook-up your lifeline & rope adjuster with shock absorbing lanyard & you’re ready to work. Move the rope adjuster up & down the lifeline for vertical mobility, & pull the entire lifeline along the Sayfline™ System for horizontal mobility.Simply untension & unhook the Sayfline™ System & pry the nails out of the roof anchors with a hammer. Complete system including anchors are reusable & ready for relocation or storage; new nails are required for each installation.


SAYFLINE Horizontal Lifeline Systems

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Capital Safety DBI SALA EZ – Line Retractable Horizontal Lifeline Systems  

EZ-Line™ is the most user friendly and fastest horizontal lifeline system to install, remove and store on the market today! EZ-Line’s innovative retractable design allows the user to quickly and efficiently set-up any length of system in only seconds and dismantle it just as quick. The entire 60 ft EZ-Line system (40 ft. in Canada) is retracted into an easy to carry case which eliminates large and bulky coils of cable that are difficult to set-up, relocate and store. Additionally, EZ-Line weighs only 25 lbs. (32 lbs. in Canada) which is 33% lighter than traditional systems providing ease-of-use and added worker satisfaction.

EZ Line

EZ – Line Retractable Horizontal Lifeline Systems

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Capital Safety DBI SALA Zorbit Energy Absorber Horizontal Lifeline Systems
We’ve added safety and taken the guesswork out of putting together your own horizontal lifeline system. Can you answer the following questions; How much clearance do I need? How will lifeline sag and span distance affect the safety of my system? What forces will be generated on my end anchors? Do my anchorage connectors and support structure have sufficient strength?Now you can! This revolutionary new shock absorber featured on our BeamSafe™ and cable Sayfline™ systems is also available separately. In situations where a qualified person understands the requirements needed, Zorbit™ can be attached to your own system to bring added safety to a previously unsafe system.

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Zorbit Energy Absorber Horizontal Lifeline Systems

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