GeoMax Zoom 80 Robotic Total Stations

GeoMax Zoom 80 Robotic Total Stations,GeoMax Robotic Total Stations
GeoMaxZoom 80 Robotic Total Stations

The Zoom80R robotic and Zoom80S servo total station find, track, and aim reflectors fully automatically and reliably. The use of a passive reflector reduces not only the pole weight dramatically, but also provides independence from additional batteries.

The advanced positioning technology of AIM360, TRACK360 & SCOUT360 incorporated in Zoom80 provides you with the most efficient way to survey. With GeoMax technology of the highest standard, you can be sure it “works when you do”.

  • GeoMax Zoom80S (Servo) 5”, 2” Aim360, Track360
  • GeoMax Zoom80R (Robotic) 5”, 2” Aim360, Track 360, Scout 360

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GeoMax Zoom 80 Robotic Total Stations

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