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Leica Builder 300 Total Station

Leica Builder 300 Total Station,Leica Survey Total Stations


Leica Builder 300 Total Station

Still using a measuring tape or an optical theodolite? Do you need a tool that fulfils all measuring tasks on your construction site with ease, regardless of your profession? The Leica Builder does it all for you – trouble-free, accurately and much quicker. Simply discover the Leica Builder for your task.

  • Batter Boards-Builder does it all setting out boards, transfer alignments to / from boards or simply storing all board data in the builder
  • Line Layout-Columns, formwork, greenhouses,racking, fencing lines,structures or terraces. Buildertakes reference lines, alignment and curves in its stride
  • Volumes-How much yd³ did you really move today? Cutting to formation, mass haul, cut / fills, stockpile monitoring – keep right on top of your earthworks progress with Builder
  • Checks is that formwork vertical? Sufficient clearance between crane and roof? Are those walls parallel? Is the drainage at the right grade? Are this true 90°
  • As-Built carpenters, landscapers, stage builders, architects, utilities companies, steel and façade constructors – all use Builder to record as-builts quickly and accurately
  • Area-How many roof tiles? Want to be doubly-sure how much asphalt to order for the parking lot? Will those windows fit? Builder has the answer in ft

Leica Builder 400

Leica Builder 300 Series Total Stations

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