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Leica Builder 500 Total Stations

Leica Builder 500 Total Stations,Leica Survey Total Stations

Leica Builder 500 Series Total Stations

The “flagship” of the Leica Builder Series equipped with all of the above features plus wireless communication via Bluetooth, full laser distance measurements up to 250m/820ft and up to 1.5mm accuracy at 100m covers the full range of tasks to be performed on any construction site. An -30°C option is available additionally.

  • Batter Boards Builder does it all setting out boards, transfer alignments to / from boards or simply
  • storing all board data in the builder
  • Precise transfer  directly from plans to the job site
  • No tapes, strings, or plumbing-up required
  • Re-setting damaged / missing boards take minutes
  • Line Layout Columns, form work, greenhouses, racking, fencing lines, structures or terraces.
  • Builder takes reference lines, alignment and curves in its stride
  • Volumes How much yd³ did you really move today?
  • Cutting to formation, mass haul, cut / fills, stockpile monitoring
  • Leica Laser Technology Excellent signal strength and pinpoint accuracy, where you need it most

Leica Builder 500

Leica Builder 500 Series Total Stations

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