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Sokkia CX Series Total Stations

Sokkia CX Series Total Stations,Sokkia Total Stations

Sokkia Sokkia CX Series Total Stations
Every CX total station is equipped with a telematics-based multifunction communications module providing the ultimate security and maintenance capabilities for your investment. If an activated instrument is lost or stolen, you can send a coded signal to the instrument and disable it – Your total station is secure anywhere in the world!And, in the same module, you have daily connectivity to cloudbased Sokkia servers that can inform you of available software updates and firmware enhancements.

  • USB Type A port for convenient added memory. Use of included USB accessory assures IP66 protection
  • One-touch star key offers instant access to functions
  • Conveniently located “trigger” key lets you take a series of measurements with the push of a button without taking your eye off the telescope
  • Control panel features 10-key pad with large LCD that provides optimum viewing and convenience
  • Built-in laser plummet with five brightness levels is equipped for quick instrument setting in all lighting conditions

CX Series Reflectorless Total Station

Sokkia CX Series Total Stations

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