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ICM Sells and Rents all types of Underground Tools & Construction Products: Trench Boxes-Pipe Plugs-Pipe Lasers-Sewer Nozzles-Joint Testers

Underground Boring Tools

We Sell and Rent Hydraulic Rod Pushers, Pneumatic Bore Tools and Gas Powered Bore Tools from the leading Mfg’s including Power Ram, Hudco and Praire Dog.

Confined Space safety

You can count on Improved Construction Methods for all your confined space protection. Protect workers with ventilation blower systems, rescue and retrieval tripod hoist systems, harnesses, and more.

Pipe and Utility Locators

Pipe and Utility locators are for locating underground utilities, pipe, cable, valve boxes and any other buried objects. Improved Construction Methods sells both Magnetic locators and Pipe and Cable locators by the leading makers, CST Berger, Fisher, Goldak, and Schonstedt.

Pipe Plugs

Improved Construction Methods sells and rents all types of Pipe Plugs.

Sewer Cleaning and Jetting Equipment

Sewer jetting is an effective method to remove unwanted debris from sewer pipes ranging from 4 to 72 inches in diameter. The sewer-jetting process is quite simple — high-pressure water is introduced into the sewer pipe via a hose equipped with a specially designed jetter nozzle that directs water forward and also to the sides of the pipe. The jetter nozzle can produce up to 5000 psi and blast away debris within the pipe

Sewer Testing

Improved Construction Methods sells and rents all types of Sewer Testing equipment to help our customers get the job done correctly.

Trench Safety

OSHA requires that workers in trenches and excavation areas be protected. Most fatalities and injuries could be avoided with proper knowledge, utilization of OSHA safety standards and an effective health and safety program.