Poweram Hydraulic Rod Pushers   

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POWERAM builds systems for installing and replacing underground utility lines. New installations are made by boring under the roadway and pulling the new utility back. Replacement work is done by pulling a pipe bursting or pipe splitting tool though the existing pipe followed by the new pipe.


Poweram 2020 Hydraulic Rod Pusher
This is the original POWERAM. The Model 2020 Hydraulic Rod Pusher pioneered the concept of pushing steel rods under roadways and pulling back a utility service line. It can generate up to 98,000 lbs. of pushing force. 5 ft. long rods can be added and removed within the length of the Model 2020.

Poweram 2020 Rod Pusher

Poweram 2020 Hydraulic Rod Pusher

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Poweram 1915 Hydraulic Rod Pusher  
This machine has the same power as the Model 2020 in a more compact unit. 4 ft. long rods can be added and removed within its 5-ft. 6-in. length. The Poweram Model 1915 is designed to help you do a tough construction job – installing and/or replacing underground utility service lines where trenching is not possible or desirable.Poweram 1915 Rod Pusher Poweram 1915 Rod PusherPDF Icon
Poweram 1825 Hydraulic Rod Pusher

This model is also known as the Mini-Ram II. It can produce up to 75,300 lbs. of pushing force. 3 ft. long rods can be added and removed within the length of the Model 1825. The Poweram Model 1825 is about 1 3/4 times more powerful than the Model 1425, but it doesn’t take any more space (it fits into the same shoring box)! It is a good choice for tough crossings in tight quarters.

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Poweram 1425 Hydraulic Rod Pusher

This compact machine installs new underground utilities by pushing steel rods under roadways, etc. and pulling the required pipe or cable back. It is normally used for water, gas, electric, telephone, and cable TV services, as well as sewer laterals, traffic signals, street lighting, and irrigation installations. This model is our smallest machine, but it does produce up to 42,400 lbs. of pushing force, giving it the power to install utility services in a wide varity of conditions. 3 ft. long rods can be added and removed within the 4-ft. length of the Model 1425.

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Poweram 7000 Hydraulic Rod Pusher

The POWERAM model 7000 is designed for replacing existing utilities by pulling pipe splitting and/or pipe bursting tools through an old pipe and pulling a new pipe into the same space. The new pipe can be the same size or larger than the old pipe. The pull rods have threaded joints, and can be added and removed within the length of the machine. The Model 7000 uses the same type of jaw system as our standard machines; they open and close automatically as the machine is cycled, and they grip tighter as the resistance increases. The twin 32 inch stroke cylinders pull the 5 ft. long rods in two “bites”, and allow room to bring the splitter and the expander into the machine to finish the pull.

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Poweram 2010 Hydraulic Power Unit

An 18 HP Kohler Magnum gasoline engine powers this newly redesigned unit. A variable volume piston pump with pressure compensated control delivers up to 17 gpm at low pressures. The maximum pressure is 3000 psi. Standard features include electric start, fuel filter, hour meter, and hydraulic oil cooler with by-pass relief. A magnetic suction filter and an internal relief valve protect the pump. The system is protected by an external safety relief valve and a high efficiency return line filter.

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Poweram 2613 Hydraulic Power Unit

A Kohler Command 25 HP gasoline engine powers the Model 2613 Hydraulic Power Unit. This is a high performance V-Twin engine with overhead valves, hydraulic valve lifters, electronic ignition, a self-relieving choke/carburetor, oil cooler, duel element air cleaner, and many other advanced features. The Command 25 has a 12 volt solenoid-shift starter and a 15 amp charging system. A variable volume piston pump with pressure compensated horsepower limiter control delivers 24 gpm at pressures up to 1400 psi.

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Poweram 4000 Hydraulic Power Unit

The Model 4000 Hydraulic Power Unit is powered by a 44 HP Yanmar Diesel engine (sold and serviced worldwide by John Deere). This is a very smooth running four cylinder liquid-cooled engine designed for industrial duty. Engine features include tachometer, hour meter, and automatic low oil shutdown. A variable volume pump with load sense control provides 30 g.p.m. to 1800 p.s.i.; decreasing to 18 g.p.m. at 3000 p.s.i.. This allows the unit to deliver the largest volume (i.e. the most speed) over a wide pressure range.

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