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Capital Safety ExoFit XP Rescue Harness

ExoFit XP Rescue Harness,Capital Safety Rescue Harnesses

Capital Safety DBI SALA

Capital Safety ExoFit XP Rescue Harness

A Hybrid Harness Specifically Designed for the Demands of Rescue and Rigging The ExoFitô XP Rescue Harness is a new breed of body support for the rope access/rescue professional. It incorporates a unique blend of fall arrest, positioning, suspension and rescue attachment points without sacrificing premier comfort and safety. The most dependable and comfortable harness in fall protection now features the essential components for rigging and rescue. Many rescue harnesses on the market are built by simply attaching shoulder straps to a mountaineering harness without recognizing the importance of fall arrest. DBI-SALA’s engineers have created a hybrid for those who want both all-day comfort and safety while suspended at height or moving from one location to another.

Dbi Exofix XP

ExoFit XP Rescue Harness

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