Blowers for Storage Tanks

Venturi Style Blowers,Hazardous Location Ventilator Blowers for Storage Tanks

Air Systems International Venturi Style Blowers
This Venturi Style blower has been designed to meet ventilation requirements for underground storage tanks. A special flange adapter has been developed to thread directly on the 4-inch vent pipe found on most storage tanks. The ASI-1000, ASI-1200 and ASI-2900 bolts directly on the compatible flange.

  • Used to ventilate hazardous vapors or fumes safely
  • Operates on compressed air or steam
  • No moving parts
  • Static grounding lug is standard
  • Lightweight cast aluminum base
  • Galvanized steel horn (replaceable)
  • Steel Handle
  • Use in high heat locations
  • Operating pressures up to 140 psi
  • Larger models available up to 8000 cfm capacity
  • API standard base sizes

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Venturi Blower

Air Systems International Venturi Style Blowers

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