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Construction Lasers of all types are sold, rented and repaired by ICM. From Depth Control Laser Systems for Excavators and Backhoes to Pipe Lasers,Grade Lasers and Rotating Laser Levels, we have it at ICM. Pipe Lasers are used to set pipe and other structures on grade to assure correct flows of sewage and storm drainage systems. Rotating lasers are used on a wide variety of projects such as Highway Construction, Municipal Construction and Utility Construction. AGL continues to be the leading innovator in Construction Lasers since the 1970’s. American Made and always on Grade !!

AGL DepthDepth Control Laser Systems Control Laser Systems



LEICA  Depth Control Systems

Pipe Lasers

GeoMax Pipe lasers

Pipe Lasers

AGL Pipe      Lasers    


Leica Pipe Lasers

Leica Pipe  Lasers      

Rotating Laser Levels

Geomax Lasers


Accessories,Tripods & Grade Rodsagltripods