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AGL GradeLight 2700 Pipe Laser,GL 2700 Pipe Lasers,AGL Lasers

AGL GradeLight 2700 Pipe Lasers

From the first pipe laser four decades ago to our newest — the GL2700 – AGL is still the first name in lasers.

  • Shortest pipe laser available: fits tight inverts and small  pipe jacking pits
  • Self-levels over wide +40% to -10% grade range
  • Includes Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack and alkaline battery compartment. 12V DC power cord is optional
  • Broad range of set-up accessories, include trivet, special transit, and rod and crossbrace
  • Exclusive features include one set of slide legs that covers multiple pipe sizes and a unique target design
  • High quality materials ensure reliability, precision, and durability. Manufactured in the US


AGL GradeLight 2700 Pipe Lasers

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