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AGL Grade Light 3000 Pipe Lasers,GL 3000 Pipe Lasers,AGL Lasers

AGL Grade Light 3000 Pipe Lasers

The GL3000 communicates with the AutoTarget using IR. Place the GL3000 and the AutoTarget in the pipe and activate the target. The rotating laser will automatically find the center of the AutoTarget. It’s also possible to use a standard receiver of any rotating laser instead of the AutoTarget. After activating the vertical laser, it can be moved with the remote control left or right, into the correct direction for precise alignment.

The GL3000 vertical rotating beam will also indicate a vertical level exactly in the direction of the laser beam. This is useful in finding a range pole outside of the ditch for aligning a machine, hub stakes, fence posts.


AGL Grade Light 3000 Pipe Lasers

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