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Magnum MCP 5438 Diaphragm Pump,2″ Gas Diaphragm Pumps



MCP 5438 Diaphragm Pump

The MCP 5438 diaphragm pump is built for solid performance; reliable 5.5hp Honda engine, aluminum pump construction, standard Thermal Plastic Elastomer and up to 50 gallons per minute pumping capacity. The MCP 5438 diaphragm pump is easy to use with a simple/low maintenance design which can run dry indefinitely without damage and automatically re-primes when seepage reappears. Ideal for seepage dewatering, cleaning septic tanks, pumping industrial waste and marine tanks, small well point systems and dewatering in sandy, muddy or trash filled waters.

  • 2″ suction/discharge
  • Five(5) diaphragm material options depending on application
  • Skid or wheel mounted for easy maneuverability
  • Strong performer in shallow, high solid conditions
  • Auto priming intermittent pumping
  • Limitless dry run without damage
  • Simple design/low maintenance
  • Large opening flap valves
  • Self cleaning water flow
  • Durable cast aluminum parts
  • Enclosed gears in oil bath


Magnum MCP 5438 Diaphragm Pump

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