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ICM proudly manufactures ABS Plastic Concrete Forms, Monolithic Manhole Forms, Concrete Pouring Forms that are made for all forms of manhole repair and maintenance.

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1040 North Redmond Road Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076

ICM Office Front View

Manufacturing the very best in ABS Plastic Concrete Forms including Monolithic Manhole forms, Manhole Rain Sentry,Catch Basin & Inlet forms,Manhole Liner forms,Wet Well forms,Manhole Steps,and Darbies and Floats – plus unbeatable customer service!


All of our forms are made of rugged ABS Plastic and sized to fit your project specifications.

Bobby’s keeping the oven busy, making lots of forms


ICM Rain Sentries

ICM Rain Sentry – out of the mold ready to be cut to specs

ICM Manhole Forms

Completed ICM Manhole Forms

Available for Rent or Sale Call Us Today 877-494-5793    501-912-8537

Manhole Forms         Catch Basin & Inlet Forms        Manhole Rain Sentry

Manhole Liner Forms         Wet Well Forms  

     Darbies & Floats         Manhole Steps