Manhole Epoxy Coatings

Quadex Structure Guard Epoxy is a 100% solids high build epoxy coating system. Quadex Structure Guard is specifically engineered to provide long term protection for manholes, pump stations, treatment plants, or any wastewater infrastructure components that is subjected to extremely high levels of hydrogen sulfide induced corrosion. Quadex Structure Guard can also be used as an interior or exterior pipe lining or coating.



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Features and Benefits:

  • 100% Solids, No VOC’s
  • Can be sprayed applied at 125 mils in a single pass
  • Excellent immersion resistance

Typical Performance Data:

  • Color: Light Green
  • Flash Point: > 250 ºF (121 ºC)
  • Pull-Off Adhesion: ASTM D 4541 Minimum Adhesion is 2750 psi
  • Specific Gravity Resin: 1.45 Hardener: 0.97
  • Dry Service -30 ºF -250 ºF (121ºC)
  • Spill/Splash 190 ºF (87.7 ºC)
  • Immersion Service* 150 ºF (65.5 ºC)*

Sauereisen 210X Epoxy Coating


Sauereisen SewerGardTM No. 210X is a protective repair epoxy lining specifically formulated for municipal wastewater environments.  It provides a chemical-resistant barrier for concrete, masonry, brick, and steel substrates. As a 100% solids epoxy polymer No. 210X is specified to protect infrastructure throughout the wastewater industry. Wherever extreme corrosive conditions exist, No. 210X is used as a stand-alone lining. No. 210X is a high strength lining that enables high build capabilities.

  • Resistant to hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid, MIC and treatment chemicals
  • Smooth finish aids wash down and prevents debris accumulation
  • Can be applied to surface dry, saturated concrete (SSD)
  • Zero VOC’s, 100% solids
  • User friendly application by airless spray or plural component spray equipment
  • Cured lining will prevent inflow & infiltration
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Sauereisen 500 Epoxy Primer

PenePrime No. 500 is a water-borne epoxy primer to be used in conjunction with the Sauereisen line of coatings, linings and flooring materials. It is specifically formulated to penetrate deep within concrete substrates. It is recommended to ensure maximum adhesion where conventional primers may not easily penetrate, or where solvent thinned primers are undesirable.

  • Specifically formulated to deeply penetrate concrete substrates
  • Promotes tenacious adhesion of Sauereisen protective systems
  • Easy to apply – brush or roll
  • Water-borne – no noxious or toxic odors during application
  • VOC compliant
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Sauereisen 501 Epoxy Primer

ConoWeld No. 501 is a primer to be used in conjunction with the Sauereisen line of epoxy coatings, linings and flooring materials.  It is applied by spray, brush or roller over concrete and steel.

  • Seals porous substrates and promotes adhesion of topcoats
  • Easy to apply – brush, roll, or spray
  • No noxious or toxic odors during application
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