Cherne Flow Thru Pipe Plugs

Cherne Big-Mouth® Flow Thru Bypass Pipe Plugs

The Cherne Big Mouth Flow-Thru Bypass plugs serve multiple applications. Great for gravity bypassing or bypass pumping. The Original Big-Mouth® Plug:

  • Large male NPT threaded bypass
  • Equipped with removable 3/8″ eye bolt for lifting
  • and lowering with a poly-lift line
  • Removable tire valve allows for easy replacement
  • Lightweight aluminum bypass
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Multi-Size Big-Mouth® Flow Thru Plug with Interchangeable Flanges:

  • Multi-size offers great expansion range
  • Lightweight aluminum bypass
  • Feature interchangeable bypass flange, allowing the same plug to be used for different applications
  • Removable tire valve allows for easy replacement

Cherne Flow Thru Plugs

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