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Cherne Muni-Ball Bypass Pipe Plugs

Cherne Muni-Ball Bypass Pipe Plugs

The Muni-Ball® Plug was introduced over 50 years ago and the Cherne brand continues to be the most trusted name in pneumatic plugs.

The Muni-Ball Bypass Pipe Plug offers a full bypass allowing both testing and monitoring of the piping system. The Cherne Muni-Ball® is ideal for installation and repair of residential or commercial piping applications. Cherne Muni-Ball® products can be used for maintenance of municipal infrastructure, including sanitary and storm sewer pipe systems. Muni-Ball® plugs are durable, rugged and are effective on almost any type of pipe.

  • Muni-Ball® Plugs are designed with ¼” Shrader Tire inflation valve
  • Larger diameter Muni-Ball® Plugs include a removable threaded valve, allowing the user to replace with quick disconnect fittings
  • Muni-Balls with flexible bypass are bendable to 90˚
  • Multi-Size® Muni-Ball® Plugs allow more options and less inventory

Muni Ball

Cherne Muni-Ball Bypass Pipe Plugs

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