Flow Thru Pipe Plugs

Flow Thru Pipe Plugs    

  Gravity Bypassing using Flow Thru Pipe PlugsBypass pumping using Flow thru Pipe plugs

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Cherne Big Mouth Flow Thru Pipe Plugs
Big Mouth Flow-Thru Big-Mouth plugs serve multiple applications. Great for gravity bypassing or bypass pumping. The Original Big-Mouth® Plug:

  • Large male NPT threaded bypass
  • Equipped with removable 3/8″ eye bolt for lifting
  • and lowering with a poly-lift line
  • Removable tire valve allows for easy replacement
  • Lightweight aluminum bypass

Multi-Size Big-Mouth® Plug with Interchangeable Flanges:

  • Multi-size offers great expansion range
  • Lightweight aluminum bypass
  • Feature interchangeable bypass flange, allowing the same plug to be used for different applications
  • Removable tire valve allows for easy replacement
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Cherne Muni-Ball Bypass Pipe Plugs

The Muni-Ball® Plug was introduced over 50 years ago and the Cherne brand continues to be the most trusted name in pneumatic plugs.

The Muni-Ball Bypass Pipe Plug offers a full bypass allowing both testing and monitoring of the piping system. The Cherne Muni-Ball® is ideal for installation and repair of residential or commercial piping applications. Cherne Muni-Ball® products can be used for maintenance of municipal infrastructure, including sanitary and storm sewer pipe systems. Muni-Ball® plugs are durable, rugged and are effective on almost any type of pipe.

  • Muni-Ball® Plugs are designed with ¼” Shrader Tire inflation valve
  • Larger diameter Muni-Ball® Plugs include a removable threaded valve, allowing the user to replace with quick disconnect fittings
  • Muni-Balls with flexible bypass are bendable to 90˚
  • Multi-Size® Muni-Ball® Plugs allow more options and less inventory
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Cherne I Series Muni-Ball Plugs

The Future in Pipe Plugs is now. Features:
• Industry leading quality, consistency,
and durability
• Mechanical bonding of premium natural
rubber and end plates eliminates failures
from chemical bonding
• Improved performance and safety through
optimized design
• Superior back pressure
• Premium performance and aesthetics
• Lightweight, short, and flexible

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THE MULTI-SIZE FLOW-THRU™ are built with the same patented designs as our multi and single-size domehead plugs.

The Flow-Thru™ Bypass Pipe plug goes one step further by offering a large bypass within the pipe plug. The bypasses are ideal for doing a water test or sewer bypass. Lansas Flow-Thru™ plugs are available with standard bypasses up to 8″ NPT. 12″ threaded connections and larger flanged connections can be special ordered.

As with any Lansas plug, the multi-size Flow-Thru’s™ can be manufactured with nitrile or neoprene rubber and stainless steel components for use in chemical and petroleum applications.

Test caps are available to convert your Flow-Thru™ pipe plugs over to use in air testing applications. A PVC cap is supplied with each plug with up to a 6″ NPT bypass.

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Lansas Single Size MW Flow Thru Plugs

The Lansas MW™ is the most versatile and cost effective single-size plug available.  Our 4″-12″ MW’s™ are molded with “o-ring” sealing ribs and each plug is equipped with a replaceable bypass pipe.  Our 15″ – 24″ MW’s™ are stocked with either a 4″, 6″, or 8″ bypass .  For air or water testing, sewer bypass or simply stopping the flow, the MW™ offers the best value in single size plugs.

Test caps are available to convert your flow thru pipe plugs over to use in air testing applications. A PVC cap is supplied with each plug.

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Lansas Super Flow Thru Plugs

The Lansas Super-Flow Plugs are designed with the largest bypasses available.  These plugs are excellent for use in flow diversion and manhole rehab projects.

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Lansas Multi Size Interchange Bypass Pipe Plugs

Lansas manufactures a variety of pipe plugs with interchangeable ends. Currently, these plugs are built to your specifications with the exact bypass needed to fit your application. Pipe plug sizes start at 14″ and can be manufactured as large as 96″ in diameter. The flanged cover can be equipped with either threaded connections to 12″ NPT, flanges or open tubing for use as a Super Flow style plug.

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 Single Size Guzzler™ Plugs

Our natural rubber single size inflatable Guzzler™plugs are used in a variety of different applications including blocking flow, bypassing and air testing.

Guzzlers™ are the most versatile and economical inflatable bypass plugs because they can be used for multiple applications.

Aluminum bypasses make these plugs lightweight and easy to install.

Our plugs come standard with a removable 1/8″ or 1/4″ tank valve (tire valve).

Our 3″ plastic molded two port (1/2″ and 1/4″) Guzzler™ plug makes it easy to convert our Guzzlers™into Testers™ without purchasing any additional conversion caps/plugs.

Our plugs also include a removable eyebolt (1/4″ or 3/8″) for lifting and lowering the plug.

Applications: blocking flow, air testing and flowthrough bypassing.


Multi-Sized Guzzler™

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Our Multi-Sized Guzzler™ plugs can be used for blocking flow, air testing (testing and blocking), vacuum testing and bypassing flow, which makes them our most versatile plugs.

Removable/replaceable 1/8″ or 1/4″ Tank Valve (tire valve) Standard on all Fatboy Guzzlers™.

Natural rubber construction gives our Guzzler™plugs a broad usage range.

Cross-woven fabric gives our plugs strength and durability.

The lightweight aluminum bypasses make our Guzzler ™ plugs lightweight and easy to install.

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 Multi-Sized FatBoy Max-Guzzlers™

Our Multi-Sized FatBoy Max-Guzzlers™ plugs are specifically designed for bypassing flow.  The large male threaded bypasses make it easy to connect fittings & hoses for pumping and gravity bypassing.

Removable/replaceable inflation assembly has a 1/4” Tank Valve (tire valve) standard on all Fatboy Max-Guzzlers™.

Natural rubber construction gives our Max-Guzzler™ plugs a broad usage range.

Multiple layers of Polyester cord gives our Max-Guzzlers strength and durability.

The lightweight aluminum bypasses make our Max-Guzzler™ plugs lightweight and easy to install.

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