Lansas AR Plugs

Lansas AR ( All Rubber ) Inflatable Pipe Plugs
Plumbing and mechanical contractors agree that Lansas Plugs are the most durable and reliable test plugs available.

THE AR™ PLUGS, 1-1/4″ – 6″ feature a zinc plated chain and ring. The Lansas AR™ Plugs have a test pressure rating of as much as 15 PSI, air or water.

THE SSB PLUGS were developed to block sewer lines during an air test, or for blocking flows. These are the most economical inflatable plugs available.

These plugs are designed with a newly formulated natural rubber compound, making them the toughest and most dependable single size plugs available. Like the SST, the SSB plugs come with a removable 3/8″ eyebolt and a removable 1/4″ NPT tire inflation valve.

Single Size All Rubber Plugs

Lansas All Rubber Inflatable Pipe Plugs

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