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Lansas SS Dome Head Plugs

Lansas Dome Head Inflatable Pipe Plugs,Lansas Stopper Plugs

Lansas Single Size Dome Head Inflatable Pipe Plugs

The Lansas Single-Sized Domehead and Flow-Thru Pipe Plugs are designed and built with the same quality construction that has been found in our multi-size domehead plugs for over 30 years. This design includes multiple layers of cross-biased tire cord impregnated into our specially formulated, ozone-protected natural rubber. Also included is our patented “Spider” ring. This feature helps to relieve stress from the end plates and transfer it to an embedded steel ring. These plugs are flexible enough to fit through a 24″ manhole.

These plugs are also available with a neoprene or nitrile cover for use in chemical and petroleum lines.


Dome Head

Lansas Dome Head Inflatable Pipe Plugs

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