Lansas MW Flow Thru Plugs

Lansas “Multi Worker” Pipe plugs

The Lansas MW Flow Thru Pipe Plug™ is the most versatile and cost effective single-size plug available. Our 4″-12″ MW’s™ are molded with “o-ring” sealing ribs and each plug is equipped with a replaceable bypass pipe. Our 15″ – 24″ MW’s™ are stocked with either a 4″, 6″, or 8″ bypass . For air or water testing, sewer bypass or simply stopping the flow, the MW™ offers the best value in single size plugs.

Test caps are available to convert your flow thru pipe plugs over to use in air testing applications. A PVC cap is supplied with each plug.

Single Size Flow Through Plugs

Lansas MW Flow Thru Pipe Plugs

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