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 Spot Repair Pipe Plugs

Point Repair Carrier Pipe Plugs-Spot Repair Carrier Pipe Plugs


Cherne Point Repair Carrier Pipe Plugs
Cherne’s point repair carriers are well-suited for most point repair systems. Available for pipe sizes 4″ to 12″, Cherne’s carriers are known for both their durability and reliability. Custom lengths are available upon request.Features on 6″-10″ and 8″-12″:

  • Integrated cage/wheel assembly for ease of movement down the pipe
  • Bypass design allows sewage bypass during repair
  • Unique centered inflation port for use with push rod inflation poles
  • Wire harness keeps unit centered in pipe
  • 2″ bypass allows for continuous sewer flow

Features for all sizes:

  • Made of aramid corded natural rubber: extremely durable and flexible
  • Flexible: All units can fold in half for transport
  • ¼” NPT Inflation Port with male quick disconnect for ease of connection

Point Repair Carrier

Cherne Point Repair Carrier Pipe Plugs

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Lansas Spot Repair Carrier Pipe Plugs

The Lansas Spot Repair Carrier has been designed for use with most of the spot repair systems on the market today. This unit is designed with reinforced natural rubber. The ball style ends and small diameter allow these units to pass through most offset joints. Wheels are also available by special order.

Spot Repair Carriers

Lansas Spot Repair Carrier Pipe Plugs

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