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There are a number of different types of sewer cleaning equipment systems available. Some systems are dedicated units that focus only on the sewer jetting cleaning function and require a separate vacuum unit to remove the debris from the sewer line. Other systems combine the vacuum and sewer jetting functions into one unit. There are also trailer and truck mounted units. Truck-mounted units typically are designed to clean larger-diameter pipes while trailer-mounted systems are ideal for sewer pipes up to 20 inches in diameter. ICM sells only the best Sewer Cleaning Equipment made by the best companies in America.

Sewer Blockage Nozzles

        Blockage Nozzles

Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

       Cleaning Nozzles

O'Brien Tool Box 1113-JE & Cart Jetters

Tool Box & Cart Jetters

Aquatech Sewer Jetter Trailers

Sewer Jetter Trailers

Sewer Jetter Trucks

         Jetter Trucks

Aquatech Jetter / Vacuum Trucks

  Vacuum / Jetter T rucks

SPORseries Sewer Hoses

Sewer Hoses



SEC Tiger Tail Sewer Cleaning Equipment & Accessories

Sewer Cleaning Accessories




Jetter Bugs Degreaser

     Manhole Hooks & Soil Probes