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Chisel Sewer Nozzle,USB-SEC Sewer Blockage Nozzles 
USB – SEC Chisel Sewer Blockage Nozzle w/ Drill Point

The Chisel Sewer nozzle performs excellently at difficult cleaning processes. The different forward-jet options and sharp edges assure fast and reliable cleaning.  Advantages are forward jet can be replaced with a heavy duty drill point, our 1″ Chisel nozzle has 8 rear jets for maximum propulsion and penetration, light weight, maneuverable, reduced water consumption and reduced operating costs.

  • Total obstructions, blockages and pipe deformations
  • Replaceable threaded steel nozzle inserts
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rear jet incidence is 22°
  • Forward jet incidence is 0°
  • Front jet incidence is 15°
Part   NumberHose ConnectionInsertsweight (lbs)Pipe Dia.
1-0201-1840-S0.5″40.54″ – 8″
1-0202-5030-S0.75″100.54″ – 8″
1-0203-6020-S1″121.58″ – 12″
1-0203-8020-C1″121.58″ – 15″

USB Chisel Noxzzle

USB – SEC Chisel Sewer Blockage Nozzle w/ Drill Point

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