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Ultimate Chisel Sewer Blockage Nozzle,USB-SEC Sewer Blockage Nozzles
Ultimate Chisel Sewer Blockage Nozzle

The Ultimate Chisel nozzle performs excellently at difficult cleaning processes, especially when pipe deformations caused by outer pressure or total blockages are present. The different forward-jet options and sharp edges assure fast and reliable cleaning. Advantages are penetrates solid root masses and total blockages, drill tip has two jets and relatively inexpensive.

  • Total obstructions, blockages and pipe deformations
  • Replaceable threaded stainless steel nozzle inserts
  • Tempered stainless steel nozzle construction
  • Threaded replaceable drill point
  • Rear jet incidence of 22°
Part NumberHose ConnectionInsertsweight (lbs)Pipe Dia.
1-0221-10020-S1.25″105.512″ & Up

USB Ultimate Chisel Nozzle

Ultimate Chisel Sewer Blockage Nozzle

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