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Aquatech Degreaser/Deicer Sewer Nozzle

Aquatech Degreaser/Deicer Sewer Nozzle,Aquatech Sewer Cleaning Nozzles 
Aquatech Degreaser/Deicer Sewer Nozzle

Designed to penetrate heavy grease, soap, and ice filled lines. A great all-around serwer cleaner nozzle!

Part No.Prop AngleRear JetsFwd. JetsGPMPSINPT Size
180430DE45°63 @ 10°530001/8″
140430DE45°63 @ 10°430001/4″
380437DE45°63 @ 10°437503/8″
380530DE45°63 @ 10°530003/8″
121025DE45°63 @ 10°1025001/2″
121536DE45°63 @ 10°1536001/2″
121840DE45°63 @ 10°1840001/2″

Aquatech Degreaser_Deicer Nozzle

Aquatech Degreaser/Deicer Nozzle

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