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USB Black Blaster Cleaning Nozzles

Black Blaster Sewer Nozzle,USB – SEC Sewer Cleaning Nozzles 
USB – SEC Black Blaster Cleaning Nozzles

The Black Blaster is an exceptional nozzle and a great alternative to a stainless steel nozzle. This nozzle offers high cleaning efficiency.

  • Advantages are relatively inexpensive, can be pulled, different size skids for available for centering the nozzle, reduced water consumption, reduced operating costs
  • Applications are general sewer cleaning
  • Optimized Hydro Mechanics, replaceable threaded steel inserts, hardend tool steel construction, rear jet incidence is 18 degrees
Part NumberHose ConnectionInsertsweight (lbs)Pipe Dia.

USB Black Blaster

USB – SEC Black Blaster Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

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