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USB Digger Cleaning Nozzles

Digger Sewer Nozzle,USB-SEC Sewer Cleaning Nozzles 
USB – SEC Digger Cleaning Nozzles

The Digger Nozzle is an excellent choice when looking for full forward penetration. This forward push nozzle has no rear jets which allows for maximum penetrating power. Advantages are Control direction and speed of nozzle, pushes material towards the main sewer line, light weight, maneuverable, reduced water consumption and reduced operating costs.

  • Total obstructions, blockages
  • Replaceable threaded steel inserts
  • Stainless steel construction
  • No rear jets
  • Forward jet incidence is 0 degrees
Part NumberHose ConnectionInsertsweight (lbs)Pipe Dia.


UBS Digger Nozzel

USB – SEC Digger Nozzles

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