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USB Rocker Cleaning Nozzle

Rocker Sewer Nozzle,USB-SEC Sewer Cleaning Nozzles
USB – SEC Rocker Cleaning Nozzle

The newly designed and engineered “Rocker Nozzle” from USB Duesen GmbH is a vibrating sewer cleaning nozzle. Similar in looks to the Rotor nozzle the “Rocker” is able to remove the toughest deposits from the bottom of 4″-24″ pipelines. The offset rotation of the rotor causes aggressive vibration which breaks up the deposits. ATTENTION: The “Rocker Nozzle” is intended for use in plastic (HDPE, PVC etc..) and cast iron pipes only. Never use it in clay and concrete pipes!!! Advantages are removal of solid material on the bottom without damaging the pipe, can be used in confined pipe areas where chain cutters can’t fit, low maintenance, no lubrication required, Doesn’t require bushings or bearings.

  • Landfills and also removal of concrete and deposits such as calcium
  • Replaceable threaded ceramic and stainless steel inserts
  • Stainless steel body and non corrosive brass
  • Rear jet incidence is 22°
Part Number Hose Connection Inserts weight (lbs) Pipe Dia.
1-0150-1840C 0.5″ 6 0.5 4
1-0151-5030-C 0.75″ 9 5 6
1-0152-6020-C 1″ 9 8 8″-12″
1-0152-8020-C 1″ 9 8 8″-12″
1-0153-10020-C 1.25″ 9 9 12″-up

USB Rocker Nozzle

USB – SEC Rocker Sewer Cleaning Nozzle

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