Lansas Joint Testers

 THE SINGLE BLADDER NO-VOID LANSAS JOINT TESTERS are manufactured for pipe sizes from 24” to 120” and test pressures up to 100 psi. Lansas has manufactured custom joint testers to 21ft. in diameter and for test pressures in excess of 300 psi. Each Lansas Joint Tester is equipped with a Joint Test Panel and 50’ of triple hose, as well as a new and improved adjustable wheel kit to allow easier transportation through pipelines.
THE  DOUBLE BLADDER (DB) LOW & HIGH PRESSURE LANSAS JOINT TESTERS design provides up to 9 inches of expansion on the bladders allowing for easier insertion into the pipe, easier maneuvering and placement of the joint tester at each joint, as well as allowing for testing in a range of pipe types and deflected (up to 5%) fiberglass and plastic pipes.
• Fabric reinforced bladder for longer lasting durability.
• Tests with air or water.
• Replacement bladders are field replaceable.
• Heavy duty adjustable wheels for smooth
transitions between joints.
• Redesigned panel The Lansas single bladder joint testers are available for testing up to 100 PSI. They are designed to fit pipe sizes ranging from 24″ – 120″. 

High Pressure Joint Tester

Lansas Joint Testers

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