GME E+S Slide Rail Shoring System


The unique patented design of the GME E+S slide rail system offers an open track system more functional than other slide rail systems. The GME E+S system allows for panels to be pivoted into place, more like a door, then clamped into the linear rails before sliding into place. This is different from systems that thread panels into closed rails from overhead. The GME E+S system self-adjusting rollers in a box frame strut ensures that the struts remain level as the excavation from within the trench is made and the slide rail is pushed to grade.

  • Slide pivot clamping
  • Use of smaller excavators
  • Several magnitudes of faster installation and faster removal
  • Certified by a Registered Professional Engineer to meet OSHA regulations
  • Avoids tight sheeting systems – GME is 1/2 the cost
  • Fewer workers required for slide rail installs

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GME E+S Slide Rail System

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