GME vertical shores are designed to prevent cave-ins in all but the most unstable soil conditions, by supporting the side walls of the trench through the use of hydraulic pressure.

Some of the major benefits of vertical shores are that they are quick, safe and simple to use. They are also designed to be installed and removed from the top of the trench 100% of the time.

They can be used as spot bracing for repair situations, or can be used for production trenching. GME vertical shores come in standard sizes that range from 18″ to 16′ long. Standard sizes of hydraulic cylinders range from 17″ to 88″ wide. Extensions are available up to 15′ wide.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction for both exceptional durability, and easy portability
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be used with, or without sheeting, according to soil conditions
  • Interchangeable components
  • Stores compactly
  • Cylinders feature over sleeve protection and safety bleed-off port
  • Molded plastic pump bucket delivers 50% more volume per stroke than a comparable steel bucket
  • All vertical shores are certified by a registered professional engineer to meet OSHA standards
  • Complete manufacturer’s tabulated data, and installation/removal procedures are provided

Shoring Plywood
Finland Form®/ Euro Form is compliant with OSHA regulations concerning plywood in trench shoring. Regulations state that plywood needs to be a true ¾” (.750) 14-Ply Artic White Birch construction and Finland Form®/ Euro Form comply with this specification.

Vertical Shores

GME Vertical Trench Shoring

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