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Leica iCON Machine Control

Leica iCON gps 60

Smart positioning on any construction site


Leica iCON gps 60 is a new construction GNSS SmartAntenna for versatile positioning tasks specifically developed towards construction needs. Featuring superior GNSS technology and various integrated communication options, it meets all requirements for reliable and precise positioning work on site.
Its integrated display shows you full status information of the system simplifying operation and configuration. Leica iCON gps 60 offers exceptional network capability allowing  you to work with Leica SmartNet and other RTK networks for high-accuracy GPS positioning.
Outstanding performance and flexibility
The Leica iCON gps 60 GNSS SmartAntenna delivers unmatched precision and performance in a rugged, compact unit that is designed to stand up to the harsh conditions typically found on construction sites.
Customer Benefits

  • Superior GNSS technology for maximum accuracy and reliability. Features Leica SmartTrack+ and Smart-Check+
  • Future-proof satellite tracking supports a wide range of satellite signals (GPS L1, L2, L2C, L5 and GLONASS L1/L2, Galileo)
  • All-purpose GPS solution can be used as construction site GNSS Base, Rover or Net Rover, or in supervisor vehicle
  • Unique flexibility for entry level machine control mounted inside a construction machine and off machine applications
  • Unique communication flexibility: integrated radio, modem and Bluetooth®
  • Integrated high-speed HSPA modem provides excellent network performance
  • No controller required for base station set-up, meaning you need less hardware
  • Unique flexible software licensing and feature upgrade concept: you invest in what you need
  • Flexible communication options for corrections: tailored to all sites and regions, swap equipment between base and rover easily as required
Perform many positioning tasks yourself, easily and quickly. Check grade or cut & fill, stake-out points and lines and as built checks.Leica iCON gps 60 is the perfect mobile base station for your construction site. You don’t need a controller for base station set-up. Stream corrections over the internet without radio.Save time and increase productivity monitoring the grade from your supervisor vehicle on site.Use Leica iCON gps60 SmartAntenna for accurate single grade machine control applications, further increasing the value of the product and your investment.

Leica iCON CC80  controller is the world’s thinnest and lightest fully-rugged 7” Windows® tablet. It is built to enable easy, mobile work on-site and increase worker productivity without compromise. Powered by Windows® 8.1 Pro and an Intel® Core i5 processor, Leica iCON CC80 features a long life, user-replaceable battery and a daylight readable multi-touchscreen with high sensitivity for easy operation in all conditions. With the broad range of iCON software configuration options and flexible communication, the iCON CC80 is the ideal controller for site workers and foremen.  


  • Large 7” sunlight readable multi-touchscreen for convenient operation
  • Microsoft Windows® 8.1 operating system, enables 3rd party applications as well
  • Various wireless communication possibilities (Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and integrated 3G/4G multi-carrier mobile broadband) for use with different sensors and internet access
  • Fully rugged design for use in toughest conditions (MIL-STD-810G, IP65)
  • Long life battery pack (up to 16 hours)
  • Highly productive positioning work with Leica iCON site and Leica iCON build application software



iGD2, iCON grade for dozers 2D Provides automatic control of both slope and elevation. When using 2 masts and laser sensors you can work independent of slope direction.  Maximise your machine utilisation and return on investment  PowerSnap for easy exchange of panels and removal of key components for overnight security  Easy to operate and upgrade  Robust – designed for harsh construction environments Key Features  Dedicated grade and slope adjustment keys  Crisp, intuitive graphics show the blade’s actual position relative to desired grade and slope  Quick and easy setup for operator preferences  Auto/Manual control mode selection, with optional lever-mounted controls available iGD3, iCON grade for dozers 3D The iGD3 3D dozer system opens new dimensions in earthmoving and fine grading. It brings the design surfaces and alignments inside the cab. You are no longer dependent on stakes or hubs. Work independently, and accurately, anywhere on the project design guided by GNSS or total station. Key Features  User selectable views such as Plan View and Cut & Fill View  Clear screen display that can be easily read in strong sunlight  Integrated SIM card slot for connection to iCONnect services

iGD4SP, iCON grade for dozers 3D with SP technology The new dual GNSS antenna solution for dozers with 6 way blades (PAT) offers you maximum speed, precision and flexibility. Exact calculation of the blade tilt and angle allows you to move dirt from pass to pass precisely, minimising rework.  Maximise your dozer’s performance by angling the blade and control windrows more effectively  Operate at full speed with maximum accuracy. Finish your jobs faster with higher profit  The latest CAN technology lets you easily expand the systems functionality  Full support of Leica iCON telematics services SP Technology – Boost productivity and performance of your grading system  Combining ease-of-use and unrivalled flexibility  Highest precision at the fastest speed  Faster results without losing accuracy  Unmatched productivity that boosts your profitability Machines equipped with SP Technology increase uptime during poor GPS/GLONASS coverage or temporarily interrupted availabilities of correction signals. This enhances performance and increases reliability. SP Technology is standard in the iGD4SP solution while it can also be used on iGD3 solutions in combination with TPS or GNSS technology. Industry standard data Formats iCON 3D machine software supports standard file formats such as .dxf and LandXML eliminating the need for a proprietary office software package to convert data files. Key Features  Auto/Manual information directly on the screen  User definable views such as Plan View and Cut/Fill View  Crisp, clear, high resolution daylight readable display  Integrated SIM card slot for connection to iCONnect services