Pipe Lasers For Rent

Improved Construction Methods Rents AGL Grade Light 2700 and 3000 Pipe Lasers and Geomax Zeta 125 & 125S.  Pipe Laser Rentals can save you money and valuable project time.

A pipe laser can be setup a few different ways. The first is with the pipe laser set in the pipe, it can set in a pipe 6” or greater. It can also be used on a tripod or setup on a trivet plate that goes in the manhole or setup on a spreader bar that will span the manhole.

AGL 3000 Pipe Laser

AGL Grade Light 3000 Pipe Lasers


AGL 2700 Pipe Laser

AGL Grade Light 2700 Pipe Lasers

Zeta 125 & 125S