GNSS Mapping Equipment


R E A L – T I M E S U B – M E T E R     G P S    R E C E I V E R

Looking for a simple sub-meter GNSS solution at an affordable price? With the Geode, you can easily collect real-time, sub-meter GNSS data without the huge price tag or complexity of other precision receivers.
Designed with versatility in mind, the Geode works with a wide range of Windows®, Windows Embedded Handheld, Android®, and iOS® (with adapter) devices to fit your needs exactly. This is especially useful for bring-your-own-device workplaces.
Take the Geode with you mounted on a pole, in a pack, or held in your hand to collect real-time sub-meter GNSS data in harsh environments, using almost any handheld device.

SUB METER ACCURACY–  Use the Geode with a handheld devise to easily collect sub-meter GNSS data


OPEN INTERFACE – Use the Geode with any Juniper Systems’ handhelds or your own Windows, Android, or IOS (with adapter) device


REAL-TIME DATA The Geode uses multiple correction sources to provide precise, real-time data


ALL DAY BATTERY LIFEOvertime Technology battery is ideal for long workdays and conserves power in extreme temperatures


AFFORDABLEGet the professional accuracy you need at a budget-friendly price


JUNIPER RUGGEDDesigned to withstand harsh environments for consistently reliable performance


ALL-IN-ONE Inside the Geode contains both receiver and antenna providing an all-in-one GNSS solution


SIMPLE TO USEIntuitive and easy operation – one button simplicity


COMPACT SIZEThe Geode is small and lightweight – easy to pack around for all-day use



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