Carlson Survey Systems

Carlson Survey Systems

There’s a reason surveyors make Carlson their first choice in data collection software.  SurvCE (for Windows Mobile) and SurvPC (for Windows) combine advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and cutting-edge features with excellent service and award-winning technical support. Both SurvCE and SurvPC support the widest range of popular and newly released RTK GPS and conventional and robotic total stations, putting the power of Carlson’s in-field coordinate geometry at your fingertips. For more info on      SurvCE/PC


Carlson Data Collectors

Carlson RT4 Rugged Tablet      

The Carlson RT4 is designed for surveying,stake out, construction layout and GIS mapping and is bundled with Carlson SurvPC –the Windows- based data collection program– with the option of running with the Esri OEM program for use in the field. Or use in the officewith any Carlson office software. Along with8GB of RAM, 128 GB storage options, collect and analyze your data quicker than ever before.

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Carlson Surveyor 2 Data Collectors 

The world’s most reliable data collector got even better! FASTER PROCESSOR More on-board storage space – now 8GB;and 1.0 GHz processor. LONG-RANGE BLUETOOTH Up to 450m paired with class I device. EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE Up to 20 hours. LARGER, BRIGHTER DISPLAY SCREEN Higher resolution, easier to read color display with scratch-resistant glass. EVEN MORE RUGGED IP68 water & dustproof; shock resistant. EASIER TO USE Still under 1kg and now with a QWERTY keyboard for faster data entry.  MORE OPTIONS Integrated camera, 3G modem, GNSS receiver.   

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Carlson GNSS Mapping 

BRX7 multi-GNSS, multifrequency smart antenna

The BRx7 is Carlson’s all-new multi-GNSS, multifrequency smart antenna. The BRx7 provides robust performance and high precision in a compact, rugged package with tilt compensation ability. With multiple wireless communication ports and an open GNSS interface, the BRx7 can be used in a variety of operating modes. Use the BRx7 as a precise network rover to work with your GNSS VRS network, or set up your BRx7 as an easy-to-use base-rover package with industry-leading performance via the internal long range and spread-spectrum radio or cellular communication via Carlson’s Listen-Listen, a unique cloud based low latency service that eliminates baseline length restrictions of UHF radios. 

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Carlson Survey Total Stations

Carlson Zoom25 Series Total Station

If you don’t want to compromise on quality, the Carlson Zoom25 series Total Station is your choice for all standard surveying tasks. The enhanced design of Zoom25 protects the instrument against dust and water jets from any direction even under low temperatures down to -30°C. A fast, simple and flexible data transfer is ensured by the incorporated RS232, USB and Bluetooth® technology. With its included powerful application package, intuitively to operate on a large, high resolution display, combined with an extra-long battery life, the Zoom25 Total Station makes you more productive than ever before.      For more info on the  Carlson Zoom25                   

Carlson Zoom40 – WinCE® Series Total Station 

Operate it your way, store it your way, process it your way! When flexibility counts, the Carlson Zoom40 Series Total Station is your choice. An optimized platform with Carlson SurvCE onboard, the Zoom40 with its high resolution graphical Color and Touch display allows you to work in the way that best fits your needs. Combined with the capability to measure long distances with high accuracy, you can be sure that the Zoom40 “works when you do.”

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Carlson Zoom50 Series Total Station 

When you need highest performance on all levels even under most challenging conditions, the Carlson Zoom50 series Total Station is the perfect choice for you. With the proven accXess technology, the Zoom50 features an intelligent distance measurement engine designed for outstanding range, speed and highest accuracy even under tough conditions. The longer measurement range means a wider operational coverage and significant less time lost with switching setups. All this in combination with the extra wide color touchscreen, built in Bluetooth®, USB memory stick support and featured application package including even advanced functionalities makes the Zoom50 the true flagship of the Carlson manual total station family.

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Carlson Zoom 75 Robotic Total Station 

The Carlson Zoom 75 Robotic Total Station solution was developed to meet the demands of both novice and experienced surveyors. You have the choice to use two people and the onboard software, or a single surveyor with a field controller of your choice. Both guarantee fast and convenient work with CAD data. The instrument’s big screen, optional long-range Bluetooth handle and high performing processor add to the easy, intuitive workflow of Carlson’s software.  For more info on the  Carlson Zoom75




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