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We Sell and Rent Hydraulic Rod Pushers, Pneumatic Directional Boring Tools and Gas Powered Directional Boring Tools and Directional Drilling Equipment from the leading Mfg’s including Power Ram, Hudco, and Prairie Dog. The “Prairie Dog” line of products allows you to bore holes under existing structures easily and economically. Hudco pneumatic boring tools have exceptional power to move thru the soil under streets and driveways putting in cable, pipe and wire underground. It is known for it’s dependability and low cost use. Rod Pushers are able to push steel rods under roadways and pull back a service line. Units range from 42,000 pounds up to 98,000 pounds of pulling force using a short pit.


Poweram 2020

Power Ram Hydraulic Rod Pusher


Hudco Piercing Tools

Prairie Dog Model 140 HW

Prairie Dog Boring Machines