ICM Technologies,Inc, a division of Improved Construction Methods, Specializes in Manhole Maintenance and Repair and has been manufacturing the best ABS & Poly Plastic forms since the 1970’s. 

    ICM Technologies,Inc builds durable but light-weight ABS Plastic Forms  Check out the following forms and see for yourself 

Catch Basin Forms & Highway Inlet Forms

Manhole Forms

Manhole Rain Sentry

Wet Well Forms

Manhole Liner Forms

Darbies and Floats

Manhole Steps

  • new     Tower and Light Pole Base Forms   VIDEO  or    PDF  Tower and Light Pole Forms


Sewer and Manhole Leak Repair & Rehabilitation Services

Our crews can build or repair Manholes, Catch Basins, Highway Inlets, culverts, and Wet Wells. Additionally, ICM Technologies service technicians are trained in all facets of Sewer Structure Rehabilitation and Manhole Leak Repair, Spin Casting, and Epoxy coating. The following products are just a few we use.

Cementitious Resurfacers, Chemical Grouts, and Epoxy Coatings.

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