High Pressure Pipe Plugs

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Lansas High Pressure Pipe Plug

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Up To   150 PSI

Lansas high pressure pipe plugs are equipped with a centered bypass pipe for inducing your test medium into the pipe. Larger sizes include a second bypass for monitoring the pressure and/or bleeding of the air out to the section being tested.

The bladder, which is reinforced with multiple plys of tire cord, is bonded to the inner metal mandrel. When this plug is inflated the ends roll up away from the mandrel. This allows the bladder to make contact with the pipe walls without applying unnecessary stress on the bladder.

Common Uses:

These plugs are excellent for use in water mains, force mains or industrial lines. As with most Lansas products, the high pressure test plug can be custom manufactured to meet the requirements of your job.



Cherne High Pressure Plugs

26″ – 32″

Cherne High Pressure Plugs

4″ – 8″


NEW  Our High-Pressure plugs feature:
• Multi-range use (6 plugs will cover pipe sizes from 4″ to 32″)
• Unlike competitive products, Cherne’s new HP plug has the                           Adobe PDF logo
rubber and metal bonded, eliminating fears of separation or
rolling off resulting from high backpressures
• Aramid fiber construction
• Optimized design using steel, aramid and natural rubber to
ensure longevity and robust construction
• Water must be used to pressurize these plugs due to high
working pressure
• Removable and field repairable hardware
• Safety/over-inflation device

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