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Poly-Lift Line:
• Great for plugs up to 15″
• 3/16″ ID hose
• Threaded connection fittings

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Hi-Flow Poly Lift Line:
• Greater Lifting Strength
• Recommended for plugs 6″ to 48″
• Retard gauge: helps prevent
“peg-out” damage
• Heavy-duty rubber gauge cover
protects gauge
• 3⁄8″ heavy-duty ID hose for quick
• Quick-dump valve for easy deflation
• Industrial Quick Disconnect
• Designed for use with plugs with
removable inflator valve
Super-Flow Hose with Gauge:
• Designed for large diameter multi-size
plugs – (24″–48″ to 54″–96″)
• 3/4″ Heavy-duty hose for both durability and
faster deflation
• Retard gauge: Helps prevent gauge
• Heavy-duty rubber gauge cover
protects gauge
• Utilizes traditional “crow’s foot” air
compressor fittings
• Quick dump valve for easy deflation
Cherne Test Gauges Test Gauges (without Test Body):
• 2″ metal face
• High-quality brass 1/4″ connection
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