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Pipe Plug Accessories

Pipe Plug Accessories-Lifting Lines-Gauges-Valves-Rupture Discs



Poly-Lift Line
Dampened gauge: helps prevent “peg-out” damage

  • Heavy-duty rubber gauge cover protects gauge face
  • 3/8″ ID hose for quick inflate/deflate
  • Quick-dump valve for easy deflation
  • Quick disconnect design for easy installation
  • Designed for use with plugs with removable
  • inflator valve and eye bolt

Poly Lift Lines

Cherne Poly-Lift Line

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Cherne Tools and Accessories
See attached to the right PDF for Tools and accessories.

Tools and Accessories

Cherne Tools and Accessories

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Cherne Rupture Disc
  • Increases Plug Life
  • Disc ruptures at 60% over required
  • inflation pressure
  • Helps prevent “non-visible” damage to cording
  • Rupture disc won’t burst until well over stated
  • inflation pressure
  • No more catastrophic plug failures due to
  • faulty gauges
  • Discs can be replaced in field
  • Improves User Safety
  • Reduces the possibility of plug explosion due
  • to over-inflation

Rupture Disk

Cherne Rupture Disc

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