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Remote Placement Pipe Plugs-Cherne Remo Plugs

Cherne Remote Placement Pipe Plug
The Remo® Remote Placement plug provides two advantages—it eliminates the need to enter confined spaces and speeds up the pipe plugging process. The system is safer and less expensive to use than conventional plugging methods because it requires no confined space equipment to simply block sewer flow. A lightweight aluminum pole system* or a standard 1¼” iron pipe** is used to place the Remo® plug in the sewer system.Remo® Plug Features:

  • Multi-size design to seal multiple pipe sizes
  • Can be locked at a 90˚ angle to seal openings in drop manholes
  • Can be used as a back plug for sewer tests
  • Adapters available to convert Muni-Ball® plugs into Remo® plugs

Remo Remote Plug Placement1

Cherne Remote Placement Pipe Plug

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 Our FatBoy Rapid Placement Plugs (RPP)™ plugs are designed to allow the user to quickly and easily install a plug without getting into the manhole.No need for confined space entry equipment and procedures saving the user a significant amount of time.  Easy pull pin allows for rapid adjustment of the angle of the plug during installation.Six different pin  placements gives six different angle options.Removable/replaceable 1/4″ tank valve (tire valve) standard on all Fatboy RPP™ plugs.Light weight easy snap together  poles make lifting and lowering the RPP™ plugs into and out of different depth manholes quick and easy.   For deeper manholes just snap together more 6’ poles.