Hydro Excavation  & Vacuum Excavation Equipment

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Designed and Built by Drillers for Drillers:

Our hydro excavators / vacuum excavators equipment were designed by drillers, people who actually do hydro excavation. We know what you need, what you do, how you do it, and how to improve your hydro excavation / vacuum excavation process.

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Why You Need a Lo-K-ToR ??

If time is money and you are locating underground utilities, performing directional boring, potholing, spoils/mud removal, and/or water jetting and you don’t have a Lo-K-ToR, then you could be loosing money. Our high pressure water jetting equipment (Lo-K-ToR) is a fast simple way to accomplish all these things and more.

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Lo-K-Tor FeaturesEndless Applications – The Lo-K-ToR can be used for many construction, drilling, and maintenance applications.

  • Locate underground utilities without impact damage
  • Clean storm drains of debris
  • Clean irrigation canals/ditches
  • Assist in storm damage clean-up
  • Dig shallow wells
  • Dig trenches
  • Assist in emergency road spills
  • Removes wet OR dry material
  • Clean up hazardous material

Advantages Over Competitors

  • Effortless Dumping – pump reverses, pressurizes tank and spoil is blown out
  • Works at greater depth
  • Works horizontally further from the machine for sewer and water pipe jobs
  • Works at a tried 300 plus feet – letting the hose reach areas where machinery cannot go
  • Very quiet
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Efficient design requires less maintenance
  • Many components can be purchased in whole or repair parts at your local farm or auto parts store
  • Durable – all hoses, fittings and couplings are made of top quality brass

Pressure Pump/Tank/Wand

The LO-K-TOR uses a piston pressure pump with a maximum discharge of 4000 PSI and a maximum pump speed of 3400 RPM. The Pressure System runs off a 13HP Honda Engine with independent fuel tank and battery.

A 300 gallon fresh water polyethylene tank provides easy gauging of water level. A 6 gallon anti-freeze tank is also provided for winterization of the Pressure System.

The hand-operated 100′ capacity reel makes moving to the next site fast and efficient. It is provided with 50′ of 3/8″ 4000 PSI pressure hose and a trigger gun with 5′ wand.


The complete unit with a full load requires a towing vehicle rated not less than 3/4 ton. The trailer is equipped with safety strobe and night running lights, as well as a break-away kit.

Vacuum Pump/Spoil Tank

The Vacuum System is powered by a 20HP Honda Engine and a MEC 8000/P Vacuum Pump. This system has its own fuel tank and battery. The Pump operates between 800-1400 RPMs and has an automatic lubrication system. The suction valve can be set to either vacuum or apply pressure for high speed dumping. Several advantages over the competitors’ wind turbine pumps:

  • Less noise
  • No filters to buy
  • Double shut-off protection

The 800 gallon spoil tank comes with two sight glasses positioned on the rear of the tank to provide monitoring of spoil level.

  • Elevates for easy cleaning
  • Over-flow shut-off valves inside tank
  • Two discharge areas: valve and 18 inch hatch

50′ of 3″ vacuum hose with cam-lock connectors is provided. Extensions can be added up to a tested 300′.


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