Trench Safety Systems & Trenching Equipment

The trenching business is one of the most dangerous types of construction. You and your employees deserve a safe place to work. Improved Construction Methods sells and rents all types of trench safety systems and equipment. Give us a call today for more information on how we can help make your work safer.

Aluminum Trench Boxes & Shields

Aluminum Trench Boxes

Steel Trench Boxes

Steel Trench Box Safety Systems

Manhole Boxes & Shields

Manhole Trench Box Safety Systems


Bedding Boxes


Bedding Box

Hydraulic Trench   Shields

Hydraulic Trench Shield Safety Systems

 Vertical Shoring

Vertical Shores

Slide Rail Shoring


Slide Rail Shoring Safety Systems

Trench Waler Systems

Trench Waler Safety Systems

Improved Construction Methods Sells and Rents Trench Safety Systems & Equipment

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