GeoMax Zeta 125 pipe laser

GEOMAX  ZETA 125 Pipe Lasers

  • The Zeta 125 fits in tight bends and narrow manholes. Its slim build makes it suitable for pipes with 125mm (5”) diameter and the Zeta feet ensure users continue working in most any site situation.
  • Wide range of applications: inclination of -10% to +40%, Range >300m.
  • With the alignment function, only Zeta 125S, you direct the laser by remote control on the direction of target, even outside the trench.
  • GeoMax Zeta 125, model no. 28000000.
  • GeoMax Zeta 125S, model no. 28001000 additional vertical plane of rotation and alignment, optionally with automatic target.


Geomax Zeta 125

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