Hurco Ripcord Ventilators Line Stringers

Hurco’s Ripcord Ventilator Line Stringer is the first ventilator specifically designed for our industry. Our unique “axial flow impeller” removes dangerous gases creating a safe unobstructed workspace.

Hurco’s Ripcord and Super Ripcord feature precision balanced cast aluminum impellers for maximum air movement at high resistance.

  • Ripcord – up to 4,130 CFM @ 3.0 static pressure.
  • Super Ripcord – up to 8,761 CFM @ 3.0 static pressure.

Hurco also offers a “Stringer Kit” for retrieving ropes and cables for close-circuit TV gear, cleaning equipment and deflection gauges. It can also be used for HURCO’s new Whistle GaugeTM to speed up the time it takes to do deflection testing.

Ripcord Ventilator

Hurco Ripcord Ventilator/ Line Stringer

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