Pipeline Cleaning Balls

Cherne Jet Ball Pipeline Cleaning Balls

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  • Inexpensive method for cleaning new lines prior to line acceptance testing
  • Also for cleaning grease out of existing lines–the better alternative to an expensive jet truck
  • Made of natural rubber

Equipped with:

  • Eye bolts at each end for tethering
  • Spiral grooves to create high-power spraying action for cleaning pipelines
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Lansas Pipeline Cleaning Balls

Single and Multi-Size Cleaning Balls are designed with diagonal ribbing along the periphery. This design, along with adequate head pressure, creates a water vortex action along the pipe walls. This action will wash away packed sand, sludge, rock, grease, and other debris.

The multi-size washing ball is built with the same design and construction as our domehead plugs. These balls have a water fill port that allows the user to control the buoyancy. This feature enhances the performance of these products.

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Washing Balls

Pipeline Cleaning Balls

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